Protect your investment

At 3D we make it easy to maintain your warehouse racks to ensure you maximize their longevity.

Step 1: Inspection

Our expert pallet racking safety consultants will inspect your warehouse racking and equipment, make recommendations via an in-depth report and review all of the issues with you and your team.

We recommend that firms do their own inspections on a monthly basis (we can help with training for that!) and use an outside expert on an annual basis.

Step 2: Repair or Replace

Once we have identified which components need attention, 3D can provide quotations for both material and labour to either repair or replace them.

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Considerations in repairing or replacing


Some installations may have electrical or fire safety components integrated into the rack structure. For these reasons it may not be possible to easily replace an upright frame and a repair will be the only feasible solution.


If you replace components with material of the exact same construction, then no engineering certification is required. However, if you choose to repair your racking, the repair must follow strict guidelines and be approved by a structural engineer.

Building back better

Sometimes it is prudent to replace racking that is marginally sufficient with a more robust design. This will result in less potential damage down the road and will save money in the long run.

How 3D can help you

At 3D we make it easy for you to maintain your racks in top condition, as we can handle all the steps in the process. From inspection to reporting to making recommendations on repair or replacing rack components and then carrying out the supply, delivery, installation and certification of the completed work.