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Let us help you explore your options and see what material handling concepts are effective in todays fast paced and changing environment.

Design services

Our experienced and highly skilled design team can assist, consult on and lead your project throughout the design, development, and production process. In conjunction with our sales staff, we can create custom warehouse layouts that are efficient and cost-effective, and which meet your exact specifications and design requirements.

Engineering services

At 3D our engineering team can handle all the pertinent aspects of rack engineering including permitting, floor slab analysis, life safety and egress and of course structural design. We have access to a multitude of choices for engineering services which allows us to find the best fit for your needs.

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The 3D advantage


3D Storage Solutions has one of the fastest turnarounds for design work in the industry. This means we can fast track your project and meet your tight timelines.


Most of our team members have more than 25 years each in the industry. This gives us the experience, background knowledge and industry history to develop solutions that make sense to your situation.


As an integrator, we have the flexibility to find the products that meet your specifications and the capability to put all the pieces together in the right order. We also have the ability to propose multiple options – we are not a “one size fits all” manufacturer.

How to get started

Reach out to 3D Storage Solutions today to get the process started. We will meet with your team, assess your existing data and information and ask the questions needed to develop your solution. Using industry-leading computer-assisted design software we can provide you with detailed AutoCAD drawings or 3-D renderings of your facility with all the proposed equipment. Working through an iterative process we will fine tune the layout until everyone is satisfied that all the objectives have been met.