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Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is used in warehouse environments for smaller SKU’s that may be too small or too valuable to be placed in selective racking. Our Boltless Industrial Shelving is an economical product that has a capacity range of 250lbs – 600lbs per shelf depending on the size and configuration. The shelving is adjustable on 2” increments. Standard shelf clips allow for quick and easy re-configuration.

Standard and Custom Sizes Available

Standard 18-gauge shelving dimensions range from 12” to 36” deep x 36”, 42” and 48” wide. Standard post heights range from 3’-4” to 10’ 4”. Standard shelving typically takes 3-4 weeks to ship. Custom shelf sizes are available upon request.

Bracing Options

Shelving needs adequate bracing to retain its structural integrity. Open “X” bracing including side braces and back braces and is an economical option. A second option is to use solid side panels and back panels. The solid panels are a good idea to use to enclose each shelf to prevent product from falling off of the back or sides. A third and less commonly used option is to provide gussets. Depending on the application, this may allow the user to pick from either side of the shelf.


Accessories are available for all shelving sizes. Lockable doors are a popular choice and can be installed to secure valuable product. Vertical dividers can be used to create compartments across one shelf level for smaller items. Integrated Modular Drawers are great for tool storage and can be installed at any height within the shelving bay. For more examples and information, please look through the links below.

Wide Span Shelving

“Wide-Span Shelving”, aka “Light Duty Racking” or “Baby Racking” is another versatile shelving type. This product is used when a standard shelf may not be large enough or have the capacity to store the product. Wide Span Shelving can be designed to hold over 6000 lbs per unit, based on dimensions and configuration. Available Sizes Wide Span Shelving uses a combination of light duty beams, tie bars, frame connectors and posts. Standard dimensions range from 12” to 48” deep and from 36” to  96” wide. Wide span post heights range from 48” to 144” high. Wide Span Shelving Types There are three options to consider for the type of shelf. Wood shelves are used as an economical option that provide a solid surface to store numerous products. Solid steel shelves are another solid shelf option that may be used instead of wood shelves to conform with fire and sprinkler requirements. A third option is to use wire mesh decks. This does not provide a solid surface but may work with storing larger boxes.

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