• A mix of storage products to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution
  • Over 7000 SKUs in a small footprint
  • Construction of a structural mezzanine to create more usable pick space
  • Co-ordinated installation to ensure continued operations while expanding capacity

The 3D advantage

Due to its ongoing success and growth, Purity Life Health Products was running out of warehouse space and looking to expand.

With the warehouse expansion construction just around the corner, Purity turned to their existing racking suppliers as well as a number of other material handling firms to help design and configure the new layout. As one of the invited bidders, 3D worked hard to establish the needs of Purity as well as understand how the existing warehouse design performed.

The key component of 3D’s efforts included an inventory study that looked at the volumes and pick rates for all 7000 SKUs that Purity handled. This allowed us to suggest the amount of pallet rack and shelving that would be required to store all the product and allow for future growth.

After a competitive bidding process, 3D was awarded the business and proceeded to begin construction in the spring of 2017. Once the new warehouse racking was completed, Purity moved their picking and storage over. This allowed our installers to dismantle the shelving and racking in the existing building and build the new structural mezzanine. 3D took care of all the permitting and included installation of the new lights and sprinkler system.

The end result

In a process that spanned several months, 3D and Purity worked together refining the design to a point that everyone felt would best meet the needs of the operation. The final layout included a structural mezzanine which would give room underneath for packing stations and provide a large area above for shelving. The new expansion would house the pallet racking to deal with the higher volume and cube items.

Work was completed in the summer of 2017 and with careful coordination of all parties involved, Purity was able to operate and serve their customers throughout the construction process.