• Over 1.4 million square feet of warehouse in St. Jacobs, Ontario
  • Over 900 lanes of 3 deep pushback
  • 4,000 pallet positions of Selective Rack
  • Addition of furniture rack
  • Replaced over 350 frames that were under capacity and/or damaged

A Satisfied, Long Term Customer

Dave Irwin, one of the founding principals at 3D Storage Solutions, has been providing racking solutions to Home Hardware for over 25 years. At Home Hardware, as with any business, as needs change, warehouses need to be reconfigured.

One recent project involved converting an area that was used for bulk floor storage to a combination of selective pallet rack, furniture rack and 3 deep pushback.The selective rack utilized 3 ¼” x 3” columns that were double posted and had heavy duty bottom horizontals as well as a bullnose. This robust design will ensure a long life span as this construction will provide excellent resistance to forklift impacts.

The pushback was provided by 3D Storage Systems, Canada’s leading provider of low profile structural pushback lanes. Integrated with the high strength frames and structural load beams, this configuration will provide high density, low maintenance, and abuse resistance for years to come.

3D offers repair and replacement services

In another part of the warehouse, upright frames that were over 30 years old were badly damaged and also under capacity for the products that Home Hardware wanted to store there. In a tightly coordinated installation, 3D’s install crew worked closely with Home Hardware staff to unload racks, tear down the old frames and re-install new frames to use with the existing beams. All this was done while Home Hardware was still picking orders and replenishing pallets in this area. The new frames utilized 3 ¼” x 3” columns that were double posted and had heavy duty bottom horizontals as well as a bullnose. As well, new end of row guards were added for additional impact protection.

Whether you are looking for a new racking system for your warehouse or need to reconfigure your existing racking to meet with changing demands, 3D Storage Solutions can help you design, engineer, supply and install a solution that will last for years to come.