• 14 levels of carton flow for use with man-up orderpickers
  • Single pick aisle for maximum efficiency
  • Full wheel bed carton flow for maximum carton flexibility
  • Use of “Teardrop” rack profile for compatibility with rack across the US and Canada

Assisting our US customers with their expansions in Canada

3D Storage Solutions was selected install the material handling system for Cutter & Buck Limited’s first-ever Canadian warehouse.

Based in Seattle, the upscale fashion manufacturer of golf apparel and other sportswear was looking for a way to make the most of their new 65,000 square-foot warehouse with a clear height of 33 feet, in order to reduce leasing and other costs and maximize order picking productivity.

In partnership with Kelmic Consulting, the warehouse project was originally slated for a June 2017 delivery. Pre-deliver challenges included delays in construction of the new Toronto facility due to weather, which meant 3D had to defer our manufacturing schedule – as well as the fact we had to wait for the curing and setting of the cement floor.

Flexible and accommodating

Our ability to be flexible and accommodate a moving timeline allowed us to deliver 10 truckloads of material by stacking product on the part of the floor that was ready and then waiting for the rest of the floor to cure. The installation itself went faster than anticipated and we were able to successfully complete the work in July.

3D provided a unique and modernized system for Cutter & Buck’s New Warehouse

Regular carton flow is usually designed just 3 or 4 levels high, but this project’s superior narrow-aisle design includes two runs of carton-flow lanes that are 14 levels high and five cartons deep – and 11 runs of full pallet storage for reserve stock. Rather than multiple pick aisles, this arrangement has just a single pick aisle. This means that the pickers and replenishers never meet, making for a much safer and more efficient operation.

The project involved multiple manufacturers working together to create a solution, and coordinating these various producers was a significant accomplishment for 3D. Moreover, our solution provides vastly improved delivery times for Cutter & Buck’s customers.