• Over 310,000 square feet of warehouse
  • 20,200 pallet positions of Selective Rack and Double Deep Rack
  • Installation of a 3 level Pick Module with conveyor
  • 360 Shelf levels of Carton Flow

A complete package of warehouse storage products

Conair tasked 3D Storage to provide Selective Pallet Racking, Double Deep Racking and a 3 Tier Pick Module for their new warehouse in Woodbridge, Ontario. Continuing growth of the Conair and Cuisinart lines meant that the facility had to house over 20,000 pallets.

The pallet racking was built with Speedrack Tubular Teardrop racking – this closed column provides more capacity and impact resistance than typical open back columns. The beams were rolled in step beams with slots to allow for easy to install snap-in safety bars. End of row protectors, post guards and wire mesh decks were installed to ensure rack longevity and worker safety.

Slant back frames were used for the double deep racking, making certain that the outrigger legs from the forklift could not hit the frame posts and allowing the use of 96” beams without a bottom beam level. The double deep racking provided medium density storage that allowed Conair to get the pallet count they needed within the confines of the building layout.

Improved picking efficiencies with the installation of a 3-level pick module

By using both the horizontal and vertical space, 3D maximized the cube of the picking area which allowed Conair to pack a large number of SKU into a relatively small space. The module combines full pallet pick, carton flow and shelving to provide flexibility for a wide variety of product sizes and picking velocities. A simple conveyor system using both gravity rollers and powered take-away line shaft conveyor transports the picked products to the end of the module and then down to ground level via gravity chutes.

From design to engineering, permitting, supply and installation, 3D Storage Solutions has the team you need to get your warehouse operating at top efficiency.