• Over 605,000 square feet of warehouse
  • 31,600 pallet positions of Selective Rack and VNA (very narrow aisle)
  • Installation of a 4 level Pick Module with conveyor
  • 17,500 Shelves built into the structure

A complete package of warehouse storage products

Carquest/Worldpac asked 3D Storage to provide a racking and pick module solution that would meet their storage needs as well as provide the necessary throughput. 3D teamed up with Mainway Handling Systems, which provided the conveyor, to design, plan and integrate the solution.

The first portion of the project involved standard selective rack as well as VNA (very narrow aisle) racking that increased pick faces as well as provided for higher density. The racking solution incorporated specialty hangers, dividers and mesh partitions to allow for efficient storage of items like mufflers, tailpipes, gas tanks and similar non-conforming products.

3D was also able to provide special colors to suit the customer’s request.

Improved picking efficiencies with the installation of a 4 level pick module

Due to the high number of different parts to be stored 3D incorporated a large 4 level pick module that utilized over 17,500 shelves holding an average of 8 items per shelf for a capacity just over 140,000 SKU. The module included pallet drops with safety gates at every level as well as all the necessary staircases for egress. 3D took care of all the electrical (lights, emergency lights, exit signs) as well as the smoke detectors and sprinkler systems.

A portion of the layout was dedicated to 2 deep pallet flow and a carton flow module to help improve throughput for their most popular items. This area was also designed to allow for future expansion vertically with another 4 level pick module.

From design to engineering, permitting, supply and installation, 3D Storage Solutions has the team you need to get your warehouse operating at top efficiency.