All of the warehouse equipment you need for a seamless operation

While racking and storage make up the largest parts of your facility, they don’t represent everything you need. That’s why we consider all of the other elements and equipment you require for a smooth warehouse operation, including safety and compliance requirements.

With our experience we can recommend all of the warehouse equipment and accessories you need, such as mesh decking, end row protectors, column sentries, post protectors and more.

Some of the most popular warehouse accessories

Rack protection

These items include end-of-row and tunnel protection, bolt on stand alone rack column protectors and repair kits.

Speciality storage items

We can provide wire mesh decks, safety bars, reel holders, drum cradles, lockers, plastic totes and more.

Fencing and guarding

Whether you need to secure an area within your warehouse or protect pathways and offices from forklift traffic 3D Storage Solutions has the fencing and guarding options to meet your needs.

Safety equipment and signage

Safety is now more important than ever – items like rack capacity signs, safety netting, back stop beams and building column protectors can help ensure the safety of your team.

Mobile handling equipment

3D can provide mobile equipment such as lift tables, conveyor systems as well as stackers and lifters.

Modular and in-plant offices

Want to add more office space, but need the ability to be flexible or mobile as well? Modular offices may be the answer. Let 3D assess your needs and help you maximize your space.

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