Save money on your warehouse racking project

Whether you are adding a few beams to some existing bays of rack or outfitting your entire warehouse, utilizing used rack is an effective way to lower your costs.

All of our used equipment is diligently inspected before leaving our facility, ensuring you receive only high quality used pallet racking and warehouse accessories for your storage facility.

Alternatively, combining used and new racking may provide the best mix of availability and economy.

Benefits of used pallet racking


It goes without saying that used racking is always going to be less expensive than new. In some cases you may save as much as 50% compared to newly manufactured pallet rack.

Quick delivery

If we have the components you need in stock, we will be able to deliver it in 2-3 business days. This quick delivery will help you solve your storage issues in the fastest manner possible.

Match old profiles

3D has many types of used racking in stock. We may be able to match up to some of your old and potentially obsolete racking which is no longer being manufactured.

Recycling is good

Reusing material from other projects is a great way save on our planets resources.

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Find out if used pallet racking is right for you

Common sizes

Generally speaking if you need non-standard sizes it may be difficult to find the material you need in used. Most used beams are 48”, 96” or 144” long, and most used frames are 42” deep with heights from 96” to 240”.


Again, while there are exceptions to the rule, in most cases you are not going to outfit all of your 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse in used rack. Most used purchases of racking are for quantities under a 1000 beams and 200 frames.

Special applications

For our customers with heavy loads, special applications like galvanized racking or specific engineering requirements we recommend new rack components only. In some cases it may also be difficult or expensive to obtain a Pre-start Health and Safety Review (PSR) with used racking.


While 3D can repaint used rack for an extra charge, most used rack is sold “as-is”. This means there may be some scratches or chips on the paint finish as well as the possibility of labels adhered to the beams.