The best way to handle high SKU counts

Selective pallet racking is the most common type of racking used in warehouses. It is arranged in either single or back-to-back rows and each pallet position is accessible from the aisle. Selective pallet racks are best suited to inventories with a large quantity of SKU’s averaging 1-5 pallets per product.

Benefits of selective pallet racking


This approach provides you with the lowest cost per pallet stored, while allowing you to effectively use the full height of your facility.

Customized construction

Pallet racking can be constructed from roll-formed or structural steel to suit your unique needs. Roll-formed racking is generally more economical while structural racking provides more impact resistance and higher capacities.

Flexible configuration

Selective pallet rack can be engineered to suit a wide variety of capacities and product sizes. Accessories such as wire mesh decks and safety bars allow almost any pallet type to be stored within the same system.

Quick access

As every pallet faces the aisle, forklift operators have immediate access to all products stored. This allows for quick and easy retrieval of product.

Product visibility

Every position is just one pallet deep allowing for clear visibility of product making stock control easy.

Forklift friendly

Standard pallet rack can be configured with any aisle width allowing the use of all forklift types and sizes.

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Optimize your warehouse space


Frames, also known as uprights are the vertical component in a pallet racking system. They are comprised of a front and rear post with horizontal and diagonal bracing. Standard frames are 42” deep and range in height from 8’ to over 50’.


Beams are the horizontal component of a racking system and support either one, two or three pallets per level. Beams are designed to be adjustable on two-, three- or four-inch increments. Standard beams are 48”, 96” 108” and 144” wide and can support a wide variety of weights.

Decks and safety bars

An important element to consider is the use of safety bars or wire mesh decks. A safety bar runs perpendicular to the beams and helps to prevent a misplaced pallet from falling between the beams. Typically, we supply 2 safety bars per pallet position. Wire mesh decks are comprised of a steel mesh grid with built in support channels. These provide superior support for all types of pallets and pallet conditions.

Frame protection

There are many different products designed to extend the lifespan of your frames and alleviate damage from impact. From post protection to row end guarding 3D can find the combination that works for you.