A great way to add density for SKUs with 5 to 50 pallets per product

Pushback racking provides increased pallet counts while also offering many more pick faces than traditional high-density storage systems like drive-in racking.

Each pushback lane is equipped with a pair of inclined rails and a series of nested carts (i.e., four carts in a five-deep system). The first pallet is placed on the top cart by the lift truck. The operator loads the second pallet by pushing back the first load and placing it on the next exposed cart. Pallets three and four are loaded similarly. The last pallet is placed on the rails themselves. When removing the product, the lift truck takes out the front pallet allowing the pallets on carts behind it to roll gently to the front of the rack.

Benefits of pushback racking

Higher occupancy

Each level of a pushback system can be loaded with a different product, resulting in higher overall occupancy rates than most other high density pallet rack systems available.


Pushback systems can be configured from 2 to 6 pallets deep, allowing for a wide variety of layout options. You also have more flexibility with smaller lots sizes when compared to Drive-in racking.

Quick access

When removing pallets the remaining pallets come right to the aisle – no need to drive into the racking – this makes for faster operations.

Improved safety

Features like linked carts, low profile, cart lift-out protection and lane full indicators make our pushback products one of the safest to use on the market.

Product versatility

3D can design pushback lanes to handle loads up to 5000 pounds, or handle a variety of pallet sizes and types. It is also capable of handling temperatures as cold as -60°C.

Cost effective density

When configured with floor storage underneath multiple levels of racking, Pushback can be very cost effective – similar to that of Drive-in Rack.

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Pushback applications

Freezers and coolers

Every cubic foot of a freezer is expensive; utilizing Pushback Racks to maximize density ensures a solid return on investment. 3D has installed thousands of pallet positions of Pushback Racking in freezers over the last 30 years, a testament to the products durability in a harsh environment.

Food and beverage

Properly configured pushback can easily achieve FIFO with the right inventory mix. Let 3D show you how this is possible and dispel the LIFO myth. Food and Beverage companies are one of the largest uses of Pushback, contact us to see why.

Third party logistics

While 3PL users typically utilize selective rack for their facilities, many are adding rows of Pushback Racking to increase density and thereby store more pallets in their warehouses. 2 and 3 deep pushback can increase storage capacity while still be flexible enough to deal with ever changing inventories.