Get the right combination of storage solutions for your order picking

Pick Modules can describe anything from a large multi-level mezzanine designated for order picking to individual sections of carton flow rack or shelving that make up the picking area.

Pick modules are typically customized to meet a warehouse or distribution centers’ unique requirements. Various storage solutions (pallet flow rack, carton flow rack, pallet racking, push back rack, mezzanines, shelving) are integrated inside single or multi-level work platforms, allowing product to move more efficiently through the warehouse space. Many systems include conveyors to quickly take the product from the module to a sorting, packaging and shipping area.

Benefits of an integrated pick module

Improve pick efficiency

By condensing more product into a smaller area, pick paths are reduced and efficiency is increased. This results in a reduced number of personnel to achieve the same or even increased volumes of order selection.

Increased storage density

A module allows you to jam more product into every cubic foot. Increased density means saving space – allowing you to expand your operations without acquiring more square footage.

E-Commerce friendly

E-commerce is changing the way our customers operate. Pick systems can be designed to handle “eaches” instead of full cases or pallets.


Generally speaking, modules keep personnel who are picking away from forklifts and replenishers. By reducing the number of people in active aisles the potential for mishaps is greatly diminished.

Flexible configuration

3D Storage Solutions configures pick modules to include pallet flow rack, carton flow, or industrial shelving to maximize warehouse storage space and picking efficiency. Conveyor systems can also be installed to ensure high volume pick rates

Cost effective

Automation may be the way of the future, but at present the cost of such systems results in a long ROI. Pick modules are a cost effective way to improve your operations.

Start a Conversation

3D can handle your pick module from start to finish

Analyze your inventory

We can work with your team to review inventory levels, determine product volumes and calculate which systems are best suited to your operations.

Engineer the solution

Our team of designers and engineers will configure a pick module to work within your facility and give you the best match of selectivity and density. We will design the structure in a cost effective manner while ensuring all building codes and safety standards are met.

Take care of all permitting

3D can handle all aspects of the permitting process including structural design, life safety (egress), lighting, emergency lighting and fire protection. We will submit all the necessary paperwork to the relevant municipality and handle all inquiries and reviews by municipal staff.


We have the installation teams to efficiently install the mechanical structures (racking, flooring, shelving, carton flow etc), all sprinkler systems including any upgrades required by the permit process and the lighting systems to ensure your workers have a brightly lit workplace. Our crews have installed across Canada and have completed some of the largest modules in North America for a major eCommerce company.