A great way to handle high volumes and achieve high density storage

When managing high volumes of products and materials, high density pallet flow racks can help to maximize your storage potential while streamlining your material handling workflow.

The first advantage of pallet flow is the ability to store product in varying depths, from as little as two pallets to over twenty. Pallet flow racks have a charge side (pallet in) and a discharge side (pallet out), allowing for First in First Out (FIFO) inventory control, making them ideal for manufacturing environments and order staging. Forklift travel is reduced significantly compared to other high density storage methods like Drive In racks.

Benefits of pallet flow racking

High density storage

Deep lane pallet flow systems eliminate aisles, providing more pallets in a given area. Flowrack systems can achieve 100% to 300% more density than selective pallet racking.

FIFO inventory

The first pallet loaded into a pallet flow lane is going to be the first one unloaded – pallet flow systems provide “automatic” First-in First-out or FIFO.

Improved productivity

Because the pallets travel to the unload aisle, forklift travel is reduced. Deep lane systems that are staging product near the dock doors may be able to utilize fewer forklift operators than other storage systems would require.

Flexible configuration

Pallet flow can be designed for pick modules, layer picking, staging and deep lane storage. Varying lane depths allows for efficient layouts within your warehouse.

Reduced product damage

Most of the pallets are deep inside of the flowrack system, far away from aisles, personnel and forklifts. This results in less damage to product and fewer opportunities for product to go missing.

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A variety of solutions for a multitude of problems


1.9” diameter steel skatewheels are typically used in 2 and 3 pallet deep systems. These economical tracks are the most often used in pick modules and ground level pick locations.

Polycarbonate wheels

2.88” diameter with a 1” width provide a superior rolling surface for GMA/CHEP pallets in deep lane pallet flow systems. Coupled with load guides, speed controllers and ramp stops these systems can be configured from 3 to 24 pallets deep.

Steel rollers

Steel rollers, either 1.9” or 2.5” diameter depending on the requirement, are used in systems that have special needs, like metal bins or plastic pallets. These lanes can be configured as full width rollers or as multiple runs to provide the support and superior flow characteristics required.