Our mezzanines offer ultimate versatility

Warehouse mezzanines, or storage platforms, are free standing semi-permanent floor systems designed to give you extra square footage within your existing facility. The decking or flooring of warehouse mezzanine will vary by application but is generally composed of b-deck underlayment, with a wood product finish. These floors can also come in heavy-duty steel, aluminum, or fibreglass grating.

Depending on the use and engineering requirements, warehouse mezzanines can be fabricated with structural steel, roll-formed steel, rack components, or metal shelf units.

The key to a successful mezzanine is understanding the requirements. Do you need clear spans underneath to make room for product or equipment? Or are you looking to store thousands of small parts and make use of the total cube in your warehouse? Whatever you require, our warehouse mezzanines will get the job done right.

Benefits of an engineered mezzanine

Increased capacity

By making use of the vertical space within your warehouse you can increase your manufacturing and storage capacity.

Flexible configuration

3D can design your mezzanine to meet your needs – whether that means large spans to make room for equipment below, matching up to existing building floor levels or providing storage below with free space above.

Cost savings

Adding a mezzanine to gain space is always more cost effective than moving or expanding existing warehouse facilities.


Not only does the mezzanine need to be engineered to handle the load, other factors like permits, fire protection (sprinklers), egress and lighting must be taken into consideration. 3D will ensure all these elements meet current building codes.

Increased productivity

Increased storage density results in improved productivity.

Multi-level capability

Depending on the clear height within your facility and the intended use of your mezzanine, 3D may be able to design multiple levels, thereby further increasing storage capacity.

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More information about mezzanines


The best use of a mezzanine is as a “Storage Platform”, as this is the easiest way to obtain a permit. If there is a need to have offices or people working on the mezzanine there will be significant building code requirements which will add to the cost or perhaps even make the project untenable.

Column spacing

The larger the spans between columns (dictating the open area below), the more complicated and expensive the mezzanine will be. Column spaces of 20’ or less are generally preferred, however larger spacing is possible. Floor loading must also be considered and footings may be required, which adds to the overall cost.

Project lead times

Mezzanines are “made-to-order” engineered systems – they are not an “off-the-shelf” or stock item. Typically, delivery times are 6 to 10 weeks.

Alternative storage types

Sometimes other storage methods may achieve the space savings you are looking for at a much cheaper price – contact your 3D representative today to evaluate your space requirements and suggest the most cost effective storage solutions.