Handle fast moving case picks

A layer pick attachment on a forklift can substantially improve efficiency, allowing the operator to clamp either one layer of product or multiple layers before delivering it to the pallet that is being compiled for shipping. In most cases the layer pick area has 2 or 3 deep pallet flow feeding the system so that there is over stock immediately available once a pallet has been emptied.

This greatly increases the pick volume when compared to a manual case pick operation where the worker is picking up one case at a time.

Benefits of a layer picking system

Increased productivity

If 100 to 250 cases can be completed per hour in a manual process, the layer pick operation will process in excess of 1000 cases in the same time frame.

Eliminates bending, reaching, and lifting

Rather than manually picking cases and placing them on pallets, the operator now stays on their forklift and lets the machine do the heavy lifting.

FIFO inventory rotation

Like all gravity flow systems, the first pallet loaded is the first one picked. This ensures first-in first-out (FIFO) stock rotation.

Efficiently replenish inventory

Since the layer pick aisles are separate from the replenishment aisles, pick paths are unimpeded by forklifts restocking the pallet flow lanes.

Cost effective

Layer picking is a cost effective way to improve your efficiency with a much shorter ROI than a fully automated system.


Lane depths can be configured from 1 pallet deep to up to 5 allowing for a wide variety of inventory requirements.

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Suitable applications

Not every type of packaging or every warehouse is a candidate for layer pick. Products must have robust packaging and pick volumes must be sufficient to warrant picking complete layers. Even within these operations, usually only the top moving SKUs are viable candidates.

Inventory analysis

We can help evaluate your inventory to see if you might be a candidate for layer picking. Typical users of layer pick operate in beverage industries or consumer goods where large volumes of less than full pallet pick are required.

Installation services

We take care of the guiderails and can put you in contact with the right forklift attachment vendors.

For higher volume operations we can provide two or three deep floor mounted pallet flow lanes complete with the necessary separators to allow clearance for the layer pick attachment.