A variety of systems to handle your shelving needs

3D Storage Solutions provides industrial shelving and storage racks to meet your specific storage needs. Our shelving systems include small parts bins, modular drawers, retail display shelving and heavy duty industrial shelving systems holding 1,000+ pounds.

Our Boltless Industrial Shelving is an economical product that has a capacity range of 250lbs – 600lbs per shelf depending on the size and configuration. The shelving is adjustable on 2” increments. Standard shelf clips allow for quick and easy re-configuration. Standard and custom sizes are available

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Benefits of our boltless shelving

Efficient assembly

Shelves can be easily rearranged and all parts installed without dismantling. Our shelving can be completely assembled in an upright position. There is no additional floor space needed for the assembly process.


Assembly cost is a vital factor. Boltless shelving eliminates obsolete methods of assembly. Nuts, bolts, and tools have been removed from the equation, saving up to 80% of assembly time.


Welded box structure shelves create high capacity and resistance to bending when stepped on. Our wedge connection between the shelf and upright achieves the ultimate in strength and rigidity.


Many sizes are available in stock. Standard shelving dimensions range from 12” to 36” deep and 36”, 42” and 48” wide. Standard post heights range from 3’-4” to 10’ 4”. Standard shelving typically takes 1-2 weeks to ship. Custom shelf sizes are available upon request.


Accessories are available for all shelving sizes. Lockable doors are a popular choice and can be installed to secure valuable product. Vertical dividers can be used to create compartments across one shelf level for smaller items. Integrated Modular Drawers are great for tool storage and can be installed at any height within the shelving bay.

Multi-level capacity

Maximize your storage density and warehouse cube utilization by incorporating multiple floors of shelving into your solution. Our designers can incorporate stairs, handrail and flooring to ensure ease of access and safety on your multi-level system.

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More shelving to meet your needs

Wide span shelving

This is used when a standard shelf may not be large enough or have the capacity to store the product. Wide Span Shelving can be designed to hold over 6000 lbs per unit. Standard dimensions range from 12” to 48” deep and from 36” to 96” wide. There are 3 shelf options: wood shelves are used as an economical option and provide a solid surface to store numerous products, solid steel shelves may be used instead of wood shelves to conform with fire and sprinkler requirements and wire mesh decks are used when working with larger box sizes.

Retail display shelving

3D can provide rugged economical shelving used in most discount stores as well as high end gondola shelving for displays requiring a more polished look.

Slotted angle shelving

The oldest and most economical shelving available. This product is best suited to small applications with light products.