Selectivity and High Density combined into one

Double deep pallet racking takes selective racking to the next level and allows you to make better use of your warehouse space. Double deep pallet racking stores two rows of pallets on either side of the aisle, essentially doubling the amount of storage. It also maintains a relatively high level of accessibility to all products as each storage unit is only 2 pallets deep.

You will require a “Deep Reach” or “Double Deep” forklift to load and unload double deep pallet racking, but if you are acquiring new trucks for a new facility anyway, the cost premium for a deep reach truck is negligible.

Benefits of double deep pallet racking

A good compromise

This type of racking provides a good mix between density and selectivity. If your average inventory has between 5-10 pallets per product Double Deep Rack will give you excellent storage utilization within your warehouse.

Cost effective

Double Deep Racking provides a lower capital cost solution - when compared to other types of high density storage.

Narrow aisles

Deep reach trucks are designed to work in narrower aisles than a standard counterbalance forklift. This can save you between 2 and 3 feet per aisle, resulting in increased density.

Simple construction

Many Logistics Managers prefer Double Deep Rack to other types of high density storage simply because there are no moving parts - just standard pallet rack frames, beams and safety bars.

Effective height utilization

Modern Double Deep Reach Trucks can be outfitted with camera’s to allow an operator to see exactly what they are doing, regardless of how high the top beam level is. This allows these systems to be designed to maximize the vertical height within your facility.

Flexible layouts

Double Deep Racks can be interspersed with Selective Rack – mixing density with selectivity and making rack layouts easy to configure.

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Optimize your double deep system

Cantilever or offset front legs

A “Cant Leg” frame is engineered to slope back from the aisle and thereby keeps the post away from the outriggers of the forklift. This is a great way to minimize damage and greatly extends the life of the rack system. Specially engineered Offset frames accomplish the same task.

Structural frames

Combining Structural Steel front frames with interior roll formed frames is a great way to balance durability with cost. Structural frames can be designed with cant legs or offsets to further improve abuse resistance.

Wire mesh decks

Adding wire mesh decks to the upper rear positions ensures the safety of warehouse personnel – they give an operator far more leeway when placing pallets in the rear position.

Hybrid systems with pushback

Double deep systems can be installed with 2 deep pushback on the upper 2 or 3 levels to speed up the loading and unloading process. Alternatively 2 deep pushback can be used on the bottom level to allow for bottom level case picking from pallets.