The smart way to add more pick locations

Carton Flow systems are a form of shelving that use a gravity feed concept. Cartons are loaded from the back of the rack and picked from the front – as an item is removed from the front, the item directly behind it rolls forward in place of the previous carton.

Carton flow rack systems help the order picker accelerate the case and order picking process. In a typical rack bay where 2 pallets are normally stored you can create anywhere from 10 to 50 pick faces. This condenses the pick path significantly. Statistics show that workers spend much of their time walking and searching for product within the warehouse – having a carton flow system will decrease travel time and increase productivity and efficiency.

Benefits of carton flow racking

Increase productivity

With improved SKU density, your case picking rates will significantly increase versus picking from pallet locations.

Supports FIFO inventory rotation

Like all gravity flow systems, the first box loaded into the lane is the first one picked. This ensures first-in first-out (FIFO) stock rotation.

Retrofit existing racks

3D can show you how you can use your existing back to back rows of selective rack and convert them into carton flow pick aisles with very little effort.

Eliminates bending and reaching

Because all the boxes flow to the front of the racking, picking becomes a very ergonomic activity. This eliminates a lot of the physical effort compared to picking cases from pallets.

Easy installation

Carton flow systems are designed to drop into place, making them very easy to install. Large systems can be integrated into your facility in a very short time frame with minimal disruption to your ongoing operations.

Replenish inventory easier

Pick aisles are separate from replenishment aisles – this results in smooth pick paths and less traffic and congestion.

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Wheel track systems

These systems are ideally suited to small box sizes and lighter weight products. The individual tracks can be configured to any box width and they are also the most economical style of carton flow available.

Plastic wheel carton flow beds

Beds of wheels give you the utmost versatility. No need to reconfigure your system to deal with changing box sizes, you can place 18” wide boxes right next to 8” ones. These systems are considered medium duty with weight capacities of 25 pounds per square foot rating.

Steel wheel carton flow beds

Our durable and heavy duty steel wheel beds have an impressive overall load rating of 50 pounds per square foot capacity, which is ideal for heavy cartons containing beverages, canned goods, hardware, and other high weight applications. Wheels are mounted in a welded bed frame designed to take abuse in a high throughput operation.

Roller lanes

Small diameter rollers are ideally suited to products that have either fixed or a small range of box sizes. With larger boxes the rollers can be spaced apart and provide a good conveying surface at an attractive price. Options include heavy-duty wire dividers, tilt-shelving, and impact plates.