Versatile storage access

With its absence of columns at the rack face, cantilever racking offers easy access for storage and retrieval of long or bulky products. The rack is constructed from vertical columns that are attached to bases anchored to the ground. Horizontal arms can attach at various intervals to the columns to provide the support for material being stored.

Cantilever racking is installed indoors or outdoors. Outdoor systems can have roofing installed to help shield your products from the elements. When coupled with a side loading forklift, Cantilever racking can achieve high density storage.

Supplies stored on cantilever rack
newly installed, close angle racking
new warehouse cantilever racking installation
wide shot of row of cantilever racking
close shot of cantilever racking
wide angle shot of new racking installation
aisle shot of new racking operation
cantilever racking showed up against side of warehouse
depth of warehouse with newly installed racking

Benefits of cantilever racking

Unique storage capability

No other product stores long and bulky items as efficiently as Cantilever racking. There are few design constraints as the components can be sized to achieve the heights and weights required for your storage needs.

Easy installation

All components are modular and bolt together with ease. Cantilever systems install quickly and can be reconfigured with minimum effort.

Flexible configuration

Spacing between arms is determined by the sizes and weights of the loads to be stored. Whether you are storing heavy bundles of steel or bulky items like couches, Cantilever rack can be optimally designed to meet your needs.

Product visibility

All product is visible from the aisle, making stock control easy. Good visibility also makes it easier to load and unload your products.

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Customize your drive-in system

Structural or roll formed components

3D offers Cantilever Racking in either structural or roll formed metal depending on your requirements. Structural rack is typically used for heavier loads while roll formed rack provides a more economical solution for lighter applications.

Arm configuration

A wide range of arm lengths and capacities are available with vertical adjustability on 3 or 4-inch increments along entire upright column height. The arms can either be straight or angled – angled arms compensate for deflection and provide additional vertical clearance.

Single or double sided

Cantilever racking can be installed against a wall in a single sided row, or can be accessed from both sides in a double side row for even more storage. We can configure your system to make best use of your space.

Cantilever for furniture

At 3D Storage Solutions, in addition to traditional cantilever racking we also provide furniture cantilever rack systems that offer strength and unobstructed access to products, coupled with quick assembly to make it the best furniture cantilever rack available.