Transform Your Warehouse Efficiency with the Rover AS/RS System

Introducing Rover by AI Storage Solutions:  a highly configurable, 3D shuttle-based AS/RS.  This cost effective, flexible, and scalable storage solution is completely autonomous and is easily configured to accommodate changing storage needs, SKU profiles and production demands.  Rover operates in both ambient and refrigerated/freezer environments and can be interfaced with any high level software and other automation equipment (Robots, Conveyors, AGV’s).

Rover can handle loads up to 3000 pounds and operates at 235 feet per minute.  It uses lithium ion batteries with 7-10 hours of run time per charge and a 25% charge cycle.  Each Rover works independently and is fitted with opposing wheels for bi-directional travel.

Benefits of Automated Storage

Cost Effective

Automated storage helps create cost effective warehouse processes through the reduction in labour and efficiencies in technology.

Flexible Configuration

Rover can be configured to numerous applications across a wide array of industry and warehouse operations. Lane depths can vary to match your inventory requirements.

High Density Storage

By eliminating fork lift aisles and by storing multiple pallets deep these systems allow for maximum use of your warehouse cube


Rover can interface with any high level software and other automated equipment.

Automated System

Rover is a completely autonomous system that functions without intensive oversight in your warehouse operation.

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High Volumes

Your ROI will depend in part on how many pallets are being stored and how fast the product moves. It’s difficult to justify the system for projects under 1000 pallets.

Uniform Loads

While load height can vary, systems generally have to be designed around one pallet size, typically a 40” Wide by 48” Deep GMA or CHEP style.

Availability of Capital

While the return on investment can be as quick as 2-3 years due to labour and space savings, automated systems typically run into 7 figures.  These systems are typically implemented by larger corporations with strong track records.