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3D Completes Two Facilities for Mevotech

3D Storage Solutions is proud to announce the completion of a multi-million dollar project for Mevotech, a leader in the automotive aftermarket industry.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Selective Pick Racking Installation by 3D Storage Solutions

Mevotech and 3D have worked together for over a decade. During this time, numerous projects were completed from small repairs to outfitting new facilities with racking.

Due to ongoing success in the automotive aftermarket industry, Mevotech has been growing substantially. As a result, the company realized they needed two new buildings: a 307,000 square-foot raw materials facility and another 180,000 square-foot building for finished goods.

They approached 3D after acquiring these facilities and asked for help with the design and layout. Our design team helped them lay out the facilities with the various types of racking. They created a specification that was then put out to tender and after the bidding process, 3D managed to secure the business.

The bulk of this project involved standard selective pallet racking and picking systems, along with some pallet flow and pushback racking. 3D had to design a solution to accommodate 94,000 SKUs while trying to maximize storage density.  It was decided that a very narrow aisle (VNA) solution was required. Design work was prepared in November of 2016 and the order was placed in December. The project work was completed on May 15, 2017.

The biggest challenge was the fact that Mevotech had a very tight timeline. After acquiring the facilities, they established a 13-week window—a very short schedule for a project of this size. To complete the project on time, 3D had to install 4,450 pallet positions per week.

"The 3D Advantage"

As a distributor, we have a distinct advantage. Kevin Minkhorst, CEO of 3D Storage Solutions explains: “We are not a manufacturer and this means we can shop around in the marketplace and find one who will meet the needs of our customers. In this case, we were able to find a manufacturer who could make the product in the timeframe required whereas some of our competition couldn’t do that.”

It was a major undertaking to engineer the rack system in accordance with Mevotech’s needs. When racking is installed and the product is loaded, weight is transferred down the columns onto the floor. We therefore worked diligently with Mevotech to design the system such that it wouldn’t overload the floor while also meeting their storage needs. This involved calculations of floor capacity, ground soil, and the size of the foot plates relative to the rack frames in order to correctly distribute the load.

3D Storage Solutions finished the project not only on budget but also a week ahead of schedule! 

Mevotech has already asked us to consider collaborating on another project, and we look forward to continuing to work together in the foreseeable future.

The project’s pallet numbers:

Selective Rack Pallet Positions
5-Deep Pallet Flow
3-Deep Pushback Pallet Positions
16-Deep Pallet Flow
Total Pallet Positions
8' Wide Beams
Safety Bars
Mesh Decks
42" Deep Frames
Raw Materials         27,524     2800 -       256      30,580   22,296 31,488   6,594    2,614
Finished Goods         23,668 -             3,636 -      27,304   22,238 14,176 15,160    1,274


Have Questions About This Project?

Browse through photos of the completed project below, and Contact 3D Storage Solutions to learn more about the Mevotech project!

Browse Through Photos of The Completed Mevotech Project

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